About The Band

Cetragore is a death metal band from South Shore Massachusetts. Formed from the remnants of local bands “In Ash I Reign” (Erik and Marco) and “Dead By Dawn” (Steve and Jonny), with Steve on lead vocals guitar, Erik on bass, Jonny on drums and Marco on rhythm guitar in 2019, they are reminiscent of bands such as Death, Slayer and Cannibal Corpse with their breakneck grooves, punishing rhythm section and hair raising, guttural vocal assault.

Chancellors of Death is the first EP from Cetragore. Recorded from August to September 2021, it unleashes the first sparks of the band’s malevolent fury. Five tracks of ruthless, groovy death ranging from the flaying and brutal “Internal Devourment” to the sludgy and brooding “Servants of Evil”. Combined, these tracks call all fans of the heavy, fast and horrid to come lay themselves at the mercy of the Chancellors of Death.